Bryant Park Film Festival

The HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival is back! Come enjoy some some great movies in the comforts of the open air. Bring a blanket and get comfy as the classic flicks begin to come to life in the 20 feet high by 40 feet…


Best Irish Pubs in NYC

New York City is full of great Irish Pubs and as such, it is often hard to select favorites. There are many delightful Irish pubs scattered throughout NYC and usually our selection is based on proximity. The closer we are, the less walking or driving…

museum of natural history

Fun Museums in New York City

New York City has a plethora of fun places to go to and see something out of the ordinary.  Among these fun places to go to, New York City has some of the best museums in the Unites States. Here are a few museums to…


Expanding your social circle

New York City is one of the most culture-rich and fun places to be in. The many cultures provide a variety of not only people but also activities and places to go to. With so many places to go to, it is often better to…

New York City Manhattan skyline panorama

Simple Guides to New York City: Planning your next trip

There are many places to go to in New York City and many of us love exploring its vast offerings. It is a great city to visit, enjoy its urban scenery, check out the many museums, and spend a great day with friends and family….