The New York Nightlife Guide: How to order drinks

How many times have you been at a bar and had no clue what to order? Or, as in most cases, you only know of one drink and that’s your go to “safety” drink. As it seems, these are issues almost everyone encounters. Knowing how…

New York City Subway

Guide to New York City Subways

Whenever people think of the New York City subway system, they are often intimidated by its complexity. Although the subway system does tend to “look” like a challenge to navigate, once you establish a certain foundation; getting around New York City is easy. New York…


Simple Guides to New York City: Nightlife

In this third section of our Simple Guides to New York City, we have rounded up a few choices for the category of Nightlife. NYC is home to the greatest nightlife in the world, so join us and see for yourself. Bars. New York City…


Simple Guides to New York City: Restaurants

If you have not read the first part of our Simple Guides to New York City, please click here.       Restaurants. After checking out different parts of the city, taking pictures and doing some shopping, its time to grab a bite. You need…

New York City Manhattan skyline panorama

Simple Guides to New York City: Planning your next trip

There are many places to go to in New York City and many of us love exploring its vast offerings. It is a great city to visit, enjoy its urban scenery, check out the many museums, and spend a great day with friends and family….