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Best New York City Gyms

Finding the right gym in NYC can be a daunting task as there are hundreds of locations from which to choose from. However, finding the perfect gym is easier than you think.

Get in shape fast in NYC’s best gyms.

For all of us who live in NYC, we have all had our fair share of activity. Whether we are traveling across town, going up and down stairs, or trying to run after a cab, the activity never seizes to end. However, for those of us who are looking for that extra fill of feel-good-endorphins, New York City has some of the best gyms to help us burn those after-hour drinks, New York City pizza, and the many exquisite temptations available.

How to decide which gym is right for you?

1.The most important factor when determining which gym is right for you is its location. Location is important as it is going to be one of the biggest deciding factors of whether you are going to attend or not. Having a gym membership at a nearby gym will keep you motivated and produce results. If going to the gym becomes daunting commute, chances are you are going to fail. It is human nature to seek the easiest possible route or come up with an excuse to avoid it. So your first thing is to figure out which gym or fitness center is nearby.

2.Another important factor when choosing a New York City gym is the kind of setting it offers. By setting we mean that you have to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you looking for a gym that is strictly for women?
  • Are you looking for a gym that that has multiple benches and weights to workout?
  • Are you looking for a gym that has top-notch personal trainers ready to get you back in shape?
  • Or are you looking for a gym that has all the amenities listed above and more, so that you never run out?

3.Once you have answered all these questions for yourself, it is time to begin searching for a NYC gym that is not only close to where you live but also has everything you need to make your workouts successful.

New York City Gym Memberships vs Amenities

Top-Notch Gyms with High Membership Fees

For those looking for top-notch New York City gyms and Sports Clubs that have all the amenities including great personal trainers, we recommend: Equinox Fitness, The Sports Club at Chelsea Piers, or LA Fitness. Be aware that gyms with all the features and fancy workout areas tend to carry high membership fees, but if you can afford allocating some money to your personal well being then by all means go for it. You will not be disappointed.

Descent Gyms with Comfortable Membership Fees

For those looking to get as much as possible at a reasonable NYC gym membership rate, we recommend: New York Sports Clubs, Crunch Fitness, or your nearest YMCA. Places like this have all the features of the high end sports clubs but a little less glam that can save you money.

For those on a budget

Let’s face it, times are hard and this dynamic economy is taking a toll throughout the world. Therefore, if you are on a budget but still want to get in shape then you have nothing to worry about. You CAN find affordable gym memberships in New York City. Although affordable gyms are often a little harder to find, mostly because they consist of small neighborhood gyms that don’t advertise as much as the big brands, these often have the best prices. You can get everything in the big name brand gym without the fancy swipe card, custom locker room tag, and all those things that are basically useless. Yelp your local gym and give them a call!

Once you have decided on a gym or sports club, what’s next?

The next thing you should do once you have decided on a gym is to plan your visit to the gym. Before going prepare to negotiate! Gym memberships in New York City are almost always negotiable. Press for better rates at your gym of choice and ask if they have trial memberships. Trial memberships usually consist of a free month or a very low ($10) first month fee. Take advantage and try it out.

Getting in shape should be fun and easy. Don’t break the bank at the high end gyms or get a membership at one that is too far. Keep your goals in mind and dedicate your time to hitting the gym, making friends and having a workout partner is also a great way to keep your goals in-sight.

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