Village Halloween Parade

Summer is over but the show is about to start!

Despite the end of summer, the number of things to do in New York City never end. The city is always dynamic and prepares months in advance to amaze its visitors and locals  each and every month. So what if the hot weather is over, the cooler and much more easy going weather that won’t make you sweat is in!

In these “cooler” months, mark your calendar and prepare to be amazed because the annual Village Halloween Parade is back!

What is the Village Halloween Parade?


The Village Halloween Parade is crazy, exhilirating, full of life, and most of all highly unique. As you probably know, New York City is a melting pot of many cultures and individuals thereof. It is the perfect place for the creative and bold to let loose. Hence, every year these individuals gather for an unforgettable night of fun, chills and screams!

Each year, the Village Halloween Parade brings individuals, marching bands, dancers, and artists together to produce one of the world’s top spectacles. Heck, the parade has even been listed as one of the top 100 Things To Do Before You Die. So if you have one of those lists, or a simple “bucket” list, be sure to add it! Years from now you will certainly not regret you did.

With more than 2 million individuals attending and more than 46,000 costumed participants, the experience is truly unlike any other.  You thought party city or your local Halloween store had the best costumes? Think again! The costumed individuals who attend each year produce some of the most colorful, weird, and overall best costumes in the world.

Ever wanted to join a parade?

The Village Halloween Parade is always open to individuals looking to have a fun time and show off their costumes. So if you dress-up and look your best or worst (depending on your creepy level) then you are in. Bring a few friends and you are set for the night.



Too lazy to dress up?

Dressing-up is not for all of us, and as a majority at the parade do, they simply watch from the sidelines. Yes, you DO NOT need to dress up to attend and watch. Simply make your way to 6th Ave (between Spring and 21 St) and watch the show. You are bound not to get lost as you can simply follow the trail of ghouls, goblins, and everything else “Halloweeny”.


So make plans this October to catch or join the show! Just make sure you stay alert as you never know when a vampire may appear! Muhahaha.

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