Best Tribeca Bars

The weekend is coming once again, do you know where you are going yet? Start your weekend in Tribeca.  Tribeca hotspots are some of the best in New York City.

Here are our top choices for the best Tribeca bars.

Classy, trendy, and upscale – Tribeca style.

Brandy Library – Editor’s Pick

Step-in to one of the most beautiful low-light lounges with an atmosphere that captivates the senses and brings a superior level of comfort.  Brandy Library is a pristine establishment where patrons can sit down and relax while sipping a wide assortment of drinks. Their endless shelves of choices consisting of rare finds and new flavors are bound to have your mind entertained.  Unlike other places, they maintain their focus on two very important things: the client and their drinks. Reservations for Brandy Library are highly recommended as they limit the number of people they serve. (This is to maintain their excellence, not out of rudeness)


Get out of all the noise without leaving the urban environment by entering Anotheroom. This Tribeca bar delivers an exceptional atmosphere whether you are planning a date or having a night out. Their great selection of beer, saki and wine is sure to please even the most selective crowds. Best of all their prices are just right and its location makes it the perfect place to meet with a group of friends.

Ward III

A dark, classic, and comfortable lounge-cum-restaurant where the bar is its centerpiece. Ward III offers an enormous liquor selection with a very professional staff to assist its patrons. Although the drinks can be a little on the strong, who is complaining?!  Every cocktail is excellent and the atmosphere sets the mood for all occasions.


Drink lovers be prepared to experience the better of two worlds. At Macao, a blend of Asian and Portuguese flavors are at the hands of master mixologists creating superior top-notch blends. For those looking for an easy sipping drink with a hit, experience the Mah-Johng. A scotch based drink with a pinch of vanilla liqueur. Macao features two floors: the upstairs bar (which fills quick) and the discreet downstairs lounge (our recommendation for groups).

Mudville 9

Bars are designed to take your mind off everyday things and Mudville 9 that is exactly what they aim for. With a 90+ label selection of beers and a specials that are complimented by the 15 flat screens, there is plenty to indulge your eyes and taste buds on. In particular, their “Wing Ding” special delivers two hours of unlimited, wings, fries and booze for just $22. Now that’s unheard of!

Make this weekend a great one by hitting some of these great Tribeca bars and lounges. A taste of class and superior level of service awaits. Grab a group of friends for an even better experience. After all who wants to be alone at a bar? Or grab your significant other and non-chalantly kiss them at the more romantic bars above. Foremost; be adventurous, be you!