Best Dessert Places in NYC

Who said you can’t start off your night with a little dessert?  

So once again we have been busy scouring New York City to find the “best of the best” places and this week we start off with a favorite, dessert!

It is no question that in New York City there is an abundance of everything. Whether we are looking for a place to shop or a place to eat, there are always too many possibilities. With all these choices at hand, we sometimes pick a place and end up disappointed specially when it comes to dessert.

Luckily for you, our researchers have been doing their thing, visiting several dessert places and bringing you their top choices!

zarkana sundae-dessert nycSerendipity 3

Alright dessert lovers, if you think you’ve tried it all, think again. Serendipity is not only one of the best places in New York City to go for dessert but also one of the coolest. The whole place itself screams out dessert. It is truly a dessert lovers paradise with a menu that will leave you breathless.  For a limited time, Serendipity 3 is offering the “Zarkana Sundae”, named after the famous Cirque Du Soleil performances happening now at Radio City Music Hall. So grab a few friends and get to Serendipity 3, a New York City “dessert” must go to place!

Max Brenner

Once again, Max Brenner has made it on our list. Not only do they have great food but also it is a chocolate lover’s paradise. Their desserts are truly unique, ranging from a  “pearl sugar chocolate waffle” to  “T’smores concoction”. With so many choices at hand, there is bound to be something for everyone’s sweet tooth. Best of all, all you need is to “Really love chocolate”, as the company states.  Max Brenner has been a favorite among locals and tourists alike, so if you have not taken a trip to Max’s we recommend you do!

Ferrara Cafe

Even if you are not Italian, if ice cream or in this case, gelato, is your thing then head on over to Ferrara’s in little Italy. The old time favorite gelato shop is stil cranking out some of the best ice cream and dessert goodies in New York City. Best of all, you get to take a trip into Little Italy, maybe mangiato (for our Italian readers, please correct us if we are wrong) a little food on the way and top it off with some delicious dessert.  The old time favorite is another must for our dessert lovers.

Three of Cups

What is a dessert menu if it doesn’t have an old time favorite like Tiramisu? We can’t agree with you more, and that’s exactly why we assigned one of our food gurus to specifically find a place that made the best Tiramisu.  This proved to be quite the challenge since most places did not meet our strict guidelines. However, after some searching (and lots of failing) , we found one! Three of Cups in the East Village has a cool atmosphere that sets the mood to devour one of the best Tiramisu in the city. So if Tiramisu is your thing, head on over to Three of Cups! At Three of Cups you can enjoy a nice meal and top it off with a great Tiramisu for dessert.

Cafe Lalo

If you are a pie, cake, or plain and simple dessert lover who likes to change it up a bit, Cafe Lalo has just the thing for you! Step in to Cafe Lalo and be amazed by the hundreds of choices available with respect to pies, cakes, and dessert options. Cafe Lalo also has a cool jazz atmosphere that compliment the experience nicely. So head on over to Cafe Lalo and see for yourself!

It’s time to explore some of these places!
So next time you are out and about in New York City, satisfy your sweet tooth by visiting some these great dessert places. From chocolate to hundreds of cake choices, NYC has some of the best dessert possibilities in the world. Be adventurous and explore new dessert recipes at these top NYC locations!