The Best Pizza Places in NYC

New York City is known for its amazing nightlife, skyscrapers, views unlike anyother, and of course its PIZZA! NYC is a pizza lover’s heaven as there are a variety of places and pizza choices to choose from. Whether it’s a quick lunch or coming back from a club or bar, there is nothing more satisfying than pizza.

If you have been to New York City, you may have also noticed that the majority of these places promote as having the “Best Pizza” in NYC. If we look further and analyze reports, there are approximately 721 pizza establishments that specialize in pizza. Going back to our previous statement, we all know that out of all those places there are only a few that make the cut as New York City’s best pizza places.

New York City has the best places for pizza, here is a list of places that go beyond their call of duty and you should check out. Each has a unique atmosphere, taste, and a variety of flavors to offer. Go ahead and experiment by getting a pizza slice that does not fall in to the average cheese or pepperoni category!



Location: 32 Spring Street (between Mott Street & Mulberry Street)

Located in Nolita, Lombardi’s first opened its doors in 1905. Due to its age, Lombardi’s claims to be “America’s First Pizzeria”. Step in to Lombardi’s and you will feel a true pizzeria environment. The smell of pizza and fresh ingredients only set the mood for the best slices/pies in New York  City to come.

Enjoy one of NYC’s best pizza at Lombardi’s. Do not be cautious here, forget the small 14-inch pie and  go for a large 18-inch pie. Your taste buds will thank you later! The large pizza is amazing, it comes with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. All of which are of course fresh and taste very different than those of Dominos (no comparison there). Spice up our pizza with some additional toppings. This place is fun and definitely one of NYC best pizza places!


Artichoke Basille’s Pizza & Brewery

Location: 328 East 14th Street (between 1st Avenue & 2nd Avenue)

The words “Best New York City Pizza” are an understatement for this place. Artichoke Basille’s Pizza & Brewery first opened its doors in 2008 and has been a hit ever since. The pizza is delicious and you often have a hard time ordering just one! This pizza place has been such a hit that in the hottest days of summer, you can still see people waiting in line to get their hands on a slice of pizza.

Artichoke Basille’s Pizza & Brewery serves three varieties: a square Sicilian slice for $3.50, a classic Neapolitan slice for $3.50 and an artichoke-spinach slice for $4.00. Prices are slightly higher than average but then again the quality of the pizza is too! Come early and get your hands one of the best pizza slices in the city.

Just make sure you come before the busy hours as there are no places to sit. Your best bet is probably around 5:00pm.


Nick’s Pizza

Location: 1814 2nd Ave (between 93rd Street & 94th Street)

 The famous Nick’s Pizza has been a favorite among New Yorkers and tourists alike. In search of the best pizza places, many people often went to the outer boroughs for the city’s best. The search and trip outside is now over with Nick’s Pizza and their new location on the Upper East Side. Like with all pizzas places they have different sizes and the prices are generous for New York City standards. A small pizza is priced around $13.00 and a large pizza is priced around $15.00.  The pizzas are excellent; from  a crispy crust to a melting mozzarella cheese layer, and everything in between there is nothing better in NYC. They truly have mouth watering pies!

At Nick’s Pizza, the experience does not end with the pizza! You can start your meal with their  tasty watercress or perfectly balanced arugula salad with roasted peppers, sundried tomato and honey mustard vinaigrette. The move on to the pizza and top it all off with their famous cannolis!