The Best Brunch Places in NYC

So after a weekend of going out and enjoying New York City’s nightlife and events, we are all ready to relax. We had a great time seeing our friends and after a late night we are all bundled up in bed. As the morning unfolds, we are all getting out of our blanket caves a little later than usual and obviously in need of some good food. While we may have totally slept past breakfast, in New York City as there is nothing better than enjoying some NYC-style brunch.

Throughout the city, after a long weekend of experiencing NYC’s nightlife, partying and having a good time, the city’s restaurants and hotspots offer this unique gathering time. From the chic and glamorous establishments to the laid-back and cool places, New York City’s restaurants offer brunch in every neighborhood and for every taste. Worried about the prices? Well don’t be! As many of these New York City hotspots offer brunch at a reasonable price. Here are a few fun places in NYC to catch some brunch!


1. The Cupping Room

Location: 359 W. Broadway New York, NY, 10013 212-925-2898

Located in SoHo, The Cupping Room is a classic and unique place. With its aged brick walls and classic design, it offers a comfy and fun atmosphere. The service is outstanding and the menu offers an adequate amount of choices. The best part of this New York City restaurant is that its brunch is on point. Due to the restaurant’s in-house bakery, they are able to not only use the freshest ingredients but also bake them. There is no pre-prepared food, everything is made to order! Best of all, with their full liquor bar, they are still able to make one last drink for those who didn’t have enough the night before!


 2. Pastis

Location: 9 Ninth Ave at Little West 12th Street. 212-929-4844.

Located in the Meatpacking District, Pastis offers a unique approach to brunch. Its French roots and flavors are infused throughout their menus. Try the  Eggs a la Basquaise and the Brioche French Toast, maybe you tasted these before but never Pastis style! The delightfully tasty eggs and toast are sure to start your day the right way! As with all places that have great food, the prices here are a little more elevated than the usual. In particular, the $13 pancakes are always on everyone’s mind. However, don’t let the prices take away the experience to come at Pastis. As a popular spot, it is recommended to call in advance for reservations or your brunch will be served in a few days.


3.Max Brenner

Location: 841 Broadway, between 13th and 14th Streets.

Max Brenner may be considered a chocolate lover’s paradise and for good reason but it also is known for its unique brunch menu! “Max’s Brunch Therapy” menu contains numerous choices for patrons to please their appetites. Truly a must see! See Menu.


4. Good Enough to Eat

Location: 408 Amsterdam Ave at 83rd Street. 212-496-0163

Located in the Upper West Side, this restaurant may be but offers a big variety of brunch options. From the eggs to the toast and specials such as pie, they got everyone’s taste buds covered. Good Enough to Eat’s brunch is just like the title says.


5. Mesa Grill

Location: 102 5th Ave., between 15th and 16th Streets. 212-807-7400

From the famous line of restaurants created by Bobby Flay, Mesa Grill brings something new to the mesa! At Mesa Grill, you get a brunch that is sure to wake you up with a kick! Whether its the Spicy Chicken with Sweet Potato Hash or the Scrambled Eggs Chiliquiles, or even the Spicy Bloody Mary, they are all sure to make your next brunch memorable. Mesa Grill packs the heat and caliente in their dishes but for those who prefer something a little lighter, the bread basket is your best bet.


6. Elmo - The New York Nightlife editor’s pick

Location: 156 7th Avenue, between 19th and 20th Streets. 212-337-8000.

Brunch at Elmo is anything but ordinary. This Chelsea hotspot attracts a great looking crowd who is picky about their food. They are the best and want the best. So if you can take a little more time to look your best on Sunday, Elmo is the place to be. Their delicious eggs benedict and toasted granola are a must! The service is somewhat on the slow side but there are plenty of people to see and gossip about, including celebrities.