Upstairs Lounge - Kimberly Hotel

The New York Nightlife Review: Upstairs

Upstairs at the Kimberly Hotel

145 East 50th Street NYC 10022 | PHONE 212.702.1600

Located on the 31st floor of the Kimberly Hotel lies “Upstairs“, a perfectly balanced rooftop lounge hidden among midtown’s finest. With views of the Chrysler building and an atmosphere that blends browns and greens producing a nature-like effect, Upstairs is an oasis on 50th St.

From the moment you arrive at the Kimberly Hotel, a small private entrance unfolds. This red-carpet entrance is closely guarded by one of the most hospitable employees. Sick of having a doorman with no manners? Have no fear, Upstairs truly knows how to treat its clients. After all, first impressions are key.

After the red-carpet, you are escorted to an elevator and the famous “PH” button is activated. Once at the top, clients are welcomed by a glass structure containing wines and on the right side, the main space.


Upstairs at the Kimberly Hotel

The space is nothing like the average rooftop lounge. Upstairs is a classy and chic environment with multiple seating areas and a large bar. As the sun sets and the night comes alive, small decorative lights are lit to add to this nature-like and “open” aura feel. With or without the retractable roof, at Upstairs, you never feel restricted due to their superior level of comfort.

Furthermore, unlike most places in the city where the music overwhelms the senses, at Upstairs the music is tuned to perfection. Yes, you can still maintain a conversation with a group of friends without having to yell. The music itself is also soothing but maintains a fun and upbeat consistency. With music ranging from a catchy lounge playlist during the week and a mix of sounds starting Thursday night courtesy of their resident DJs, Upstairs has something for everyone to enjoy. Experience a unique set consisting of 70s, 80s, 90s, house, top 40, and a blend thereof on your next night out to Upstairs. As a lounge, there is no designated dance floor, but as Branimir (general manager) mentioned, “The music is catchy and people tend to dance throughout the space and we have no problem with that.” Hence, Upstairs is an ideal hotspot to have a good time and socialize both on the professional and entertainment level.

Apart from the space and music, Upstairs offers remarkable specialty drinks that are truly a cornucopia of flavors. In particular, their “Oh Yoko” specialty cocktail is one of the best drinks in NYC. The Sake based drink has one of the most carefully executed blend of flavors and a presentation to go with it. “Oh Yoko” is a cool and refreshing drink that can be enjoyed with almost anything and during any occasion.


The "Electrolyte" at Upstairs

Next up on drinks is their “electrolyte” specialty cocktail. A red fruity drink composed of vodka that is perfectly tuned with its watermelon addition. Yet another refreshing drink that is perfect for those hot summer nights. In general, cocktails are priced at $16 and are definitely worth the price. In addition to the cocktails, Upstairs has an extensive wine menu for those who wish to order a glass or bottle. For those beer lovers, a selection of brews is also available.

Drinks are all great but what is a drink without a bite to eat?  Be prepared to be amazed yet again! Upstairs does not only offer quality drinks but also top-notch food. On your next trip make sure you treat yourself to their Lobster Slider”. Adequately priced at $21, the “Lobster Slider” features dill, tarragon and crispy shallots which all truly deliver on flavor. If seafood is not your thing, then go for the “Kobe Slider”. Priced at $13 dollars, you get 3 small and well served burgers that are complimented nicely with the added tomato, lettuce leaf, cheddar, and pickle.

Overall, Upstairs has a well balanced atmosphere with superior space accommodations, hospitality, cocktails, and food. Experience Upstairs for yourself and see how they are very unique and top-notch establishment. Upstairs is one of the few venues in New York City who truly delivers on all aspects. It is also a pleasure to experience a venue where the general manager is there to greet and take care of the clients. Upstairs truly delivers and gets our elite Five-Star Rating.

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