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The New York Nightlife: Drinkology 101

Do you know what to order when you go out?

So you have your group of friends ready, your outfit is on point, and you have even managed to take care of some last minute work.  You are having a great day and the nightlife you are about to experience is going to top it all off.  However, as soon as you arrive at a nightclub or bar, you are in a total panic trying to see what to order.  As with most people, you probably order something random or the same thing every time. Be adventurous and try something new!

In hopes of avoiding that situation, you are now in Drinkology 101. Learn about a particular drink and know what to get on your next night out. Here are a few top choices, with plenty more coming your way! If you want to know how to order drinks at a bar, click here!


Long Island Iced Tea NYCLong Island Iced Tea – Looking for a way to unwind on a nice summer evening? Why not grab yourself a Long Island Iced Tea.  This easy to make drink has been around since the 1970’s when a bartender from Long Island came up with this clever concoction.  Not only is it refreshing, but also has a kick to it.  Careful not to have too many, as this luring drink is a mix of tequila, gin, light rum, vodka, and triple sec.





Gin and Tonic NYCGin and Tonic – Another great drink to enjoy perhaps at the end of a long week would be a Gin & Tonic.  This sultry drink is served in a highball glass with ice and will quench your taste buds when the best gins are used.  Add some flavor to it by using slight citrus botanicals.




vodka and redbull NYCVodka and Red Bull – Living life on the edge? Nothing says it more than having a Vodka and Red bull to spice up your night.  As one of the most popular 21st century drinks, Vodka and Red bull is mostly ordered at bars by “younger crowds”.  Despite the controversy of mixing alcoholic beverages with caffeinated drinks, its up to one to come up with their own perception of this drink.  The tangy taste of the Red Bull sooths out the vodka to a point you can’t stop having this delicious drink.


Cosmopolitan drink NYCCosmopolitan – Ladies, grab your pumps, put on that little black dress and get ready for a night out with a Cosmopolitan in hand!  This drink seemed to get its fame from the hit HBO Show, Sex and the City that caught everyone’s eyes.  Often misperceived to be a “lady’s drink”, it can be enjoyed by whoever wishes to have a fruity martini.  Made to one’s desire, a Cosmo can be mixed with citrus vodka instead of Cointreau or less cranberry juice.





Apple Martini drink NYCApple Martini – To top it all off, who could forget an Apple Martini or “Appletini” as some might refer to it.  Unlike the other drinks, the appletini takes a little bit more time to be mixed to perfection. Most will use apple schnapps to make it but some bartenders may use calvados.  The amount of apple schnapps used will determine the vibrant fluorescent green color this drink is known to have.  SO enjoy the sweetness of the Appletini and if looking for a change, try a Sour Appletini and see how you like it.




Between the Sheets – Also referred to as a Maiden’s Prayer, this popular drink is perfect for hot summer days. If you’ve had a Sidecar, you will notice that these drinks resemble each other. Although they are similar, Between the Sheets has a unique blend of ingredients. With its mix composed of brandy, light rum, triple sec, and lemon juice you are sure to experience a tasty and refreshing drink. To top off this drink, experienced bartenders will garnish it with a lemon twist for added flavor.

Sex-on-the-beach-drinkSex on the Beach – As one of the most popular drinks available today due its delicious fruity taste, Sex on the Beach should definitely be on your list to try. Sex on the Beach is served in a highball glass and contains mainly vodka. However, don’t worry too much about the vodka as the cranberry and orange juice are sure to lessen its effect. With peach schnapps and creme de cassis in the blend, its tropical taste is amplified. And what is a drink without looking good? Sex on the Beach is garnished with an orange slice and cherry.




bahama-mama-drinkBahama Mama – Another popular “tropical” cocktail among the nightlife and summer crowds. The Bahama Mama is made-up of two potent rums that are sure to get your night started. Compliment the rums with coffee and coconut liqueurs, as well as a dash of pineapple or orange juice and your tropical blend is set. If you happen to go to the islands, Bahama Mama’s are served in coconuts!



Mojito drink nycMojito – Often seen in many commercials and movies, the Mojito is a cool and refreshing drink. With its second place listing on Ernest Hemingway’s list of favorite drinks, this is one you should try at least once! The Mojito’s simple mix of sugar, light rum, mint leaves, and club soda make the Mojioto simple and easy to make. On your next nightout make sure its topped off with mint sprig garnish and your experience will be enhanced. Once you have one you will not regret it! Experiment with premium rums for added flavors. See How to order Drinks.


Tom and Jerry – This classic winter drink is a must for every drink enthusiast. With dark rum, cognac (or brandy), warm milk, egg, and sugar, Tom and Jerry is thick and sweet drink. If you hate the egg as part of the blend, don’t worry as it is barely noticeable and only used for texture.  Tom and Jerry has been a favorite among many of today’s leaders at formal events.

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