Cheap Drinks in New York City

New York City is known for having some of the most expensive drink prices. Whether you are going to a nearby bar or restaurant, the prices are outrageous. Many times some us wonder, what happened to the good times when drinks were cheap. In other words the times when EVERYTHING was cheap. While we can’t see things like gas and real estate prices going back to their historical lows, we have scoured the city and found some really cool places for drinks!

At these places, you can have fun and enjoy a good beer without having to pull out your credit cards to take care of the bill. Yes, even in New York City where drinks are ridiculous you can still get your fill without going overboard. So gather up a good group of people and treat them all to drinks, after all you won’t be spending a ridiculous amount!


Crash Mansion – nobody ever rejected free drinks!

Location: 199 Bowery (at Spring St.)

There is nothing better than going to a cool and fun place and then finding out about FREE drinks! Talk about a bargain, you don’t even need to collect change for this night’s outing! Best of all, this Bowery venue hosts this special on Fridays from 9 to 10pm. Free open bar and all you have to do is send an e-mail! Add your name to their list and you are all set! Plan this accordingly with your friends to get this special. SO what’s the catch for this amazing special? You would be surprised as there is none! Just send your name to by Friday afternoon.


Town Tavern – 25 Cent Pitchers of Beer

Location: 134 West 3rd St. (at 6th Ave.)

Talk about specials, if you are looking to catch your Mets or Yankees game or just enjoy a fun night out with friends, this is the place to be for drinks. Pay a $7 cover charge and you are set for the rest of the night! The cover charge will allow you to purchase an unlimited amount of  25 cent pitchers of Coors Light. The special takes place on Wednesday nights from 7pm to 11pm. Catch your favorite game or bring a group of friends and go head to head on the BP table. This West 3rd spot is a fun place and is frequented by NYU students grabbing some 25 cent wings and having a good time.


Bourbon Street- 50 Cent Beers

Location: 407 Amsterdam Ave. (between 79th St. and 80th St.)

This cool Upper West Side hotspot has one of the best specials out there. 50 cent beers and a party like atmosphere that can go long way. Just make sure you don’t get carried away! Bring a group of friends and socialize with the fun crowd of people that frequents this place. Yes, on some nights the place feels like you are in a fraternity party, but the 50 cent beers will make up for that. The special takes place Wednesday to Friday from 9 to 11pm. So bring those shine quarters and change to get started!

Bravest – $1 Beer Pints

Location: 700 2nd Ave. (at 38th St.)

This laidback East Side bar is a great place to grab a few drinks and food. With their Bud or Bud Light special for $1 and their delicious wings and burgers you can be set for a great night. Best of all is that this special takes place daily! Come by Bravest from 5p to 7pm to enjoy their happy hour special. As part of the experience, the bars decorations are truly amazing, Decorated in NYFD memorabilia, the bar pays its respect to those who serve us. Oh, and did we mention there is free Wi-Fi for those tech savvy people?


Third And Long – $1 Beer Mugs

Location: 523 3rd Ave (between 34th St. and 35th St.)

Another Irish Pub in New York City who knows how to take care of its patrons. At Third and Long you can enjoy $1 mugs of Bud and Bud Light on Monday and Tuesday nights. Best of all is that unlike some other places, this special goes on all night long, or until you drop! Please drink responsibly, we don’t want you going home with those beer goggles on!


Village Pourhouse – $1 Beer Pints

Location: 64 3rd Ave. (at 11th St.)

An activity center with some good drink specials. If you are looking to grab a drink and some food between 12pm and 5pm, this is the place. You can enjoy $1 Bud and Bud Light pints to satisfy your thirst.


Welcome To The Johnsons – $1.50 PBRs – editor’s pick

Location: 123 Rivington Street (between Essex St. and Norfolk St.)

Ok, so the decor is just like an old-style setting of what appears to be your grandmother’s house but that is actually good as you get somewhat an old age price on drinks! Down $1.50 cans of PBRs before 9pm at this Lower East Side dive bar. The crowd is fun and full of hipsters looking to grab some drinks, enjoy the music and socialize.