The New York Nightlife Review: Tao


42 E 58th St, NY, NY 10022 | PHONE 212- 888-2288

From the moment you arrive, Tao invites and captivates with its massive wooden doors.  Upon entering, the atmosphere is brought to life by the sound of music.  As one is escorted to his or her seating area, a bar unfolds on the left side.  Surrounding the bar are low seating areas which produce a lounge like feel. The drinks here are great and the staff is very knowledgeable of special requests. No longer does one need to make sure his or her drink is served right.

As one is seated in the main room, the low light ambiance and candles produce a fun and yet romantic feel. A mixture unheard of but pulled off perfectly by Tao. Large and small tables with cushioned seats offer comfort and enough space for all the food you can indulge. The staff is very attentive and concerned about their patrons.

Another great feature of Tao is that it has an excellent reservation procedures.  Reservations scheduled through opentable.com are followed up by a member of Tao on the day of to confirm.  A great method in order to assist and provide the best service.  Upon arriving, reservations are fulfilled on the spot! No need to wait.

The food at Tao is just another highlight. From the “Small Plates” to the “Desserts” and “Teas”, all are served with utmost scrutiny to insure quality. This venue is also frequented by some high-end clients such as celebrities and members of The New York Yankees.  Whether you are looking to go on a fun and romantic date or going with a group of friends to grab a drink, this is the perfect place to go. One of New York City’s best best reviewed by The New York Nightlife.


Reviewed by Robert Neils for The New York Nightlife