The New York Nightlife Review: Cloister Cafe

Cloister Cafe

238 E 9th St, NY, NY 10003 | PHONE 212-777-9128

Located in the East Village,  Cloister Cafe is a small and yet unique place.  Although hard to spot at first, a small red sign and a small side entrance nearby  take you into its outside garden.  This open environment with seating for its patrons makes it a perfect spot during the summer.  The garden is illuminated by lights as the sun sets. Lights that produce a relaxing ambiance.

With their full bar, Cloister is able to produce unique specialty drinks which compliment nicely with their mixed menu of American, French and Italian cuisines. What sets Cloister Cafe apart from other places is that it offers a wide range of Hookah flavors.  Hookah prices are in the mid-range level but, once again, compliment the menu nicely. Hookah lounges and bars are often either a hit or not, this one however is just right. The right food, drinks, and hookah.

The staff is attentive but during The New York Nightlife’s review day, our waitress brought the wrong type of food out and gave made it seem as if it was our fault. Overall, this is a great place to hang out, grab a drink, and do a casual meal. Good to hang with friends or meet up with NYC locals. Cloister Cafe is fun with a good group of friends. Cloister Cafe also plays some relaxing songs by artists such as Jack Johnson and John Mayer which add to this “chill” and “relaxed” atmosphere.

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Reviewed by Nicole C. for The New York Nightlife.