Great margaritas in New York City

A margarita is a sure way to make your night out in New York City fun. These flavorful drinks come in many varieties and offer something unique to the taste buds of its consumers.

Margaritas, like most drinks, also vary from place to place. Here is a list of some great margaritas in New York City and the places in which they are served. The NYC nightlife is fun but make your next night-out a memorable one with some good friends and the perfect blend of margaritas. Just make sure you go home with the same crowd!


The New York Nightlife picks

Place: Rosa Mexicano

Location: Upper East Side: 1063 First Ave. at 58th St., 212-753-7407

                      Lincoln Center: 61 Columbus Ave. at 62nd St., 212-977-7700

                      Union Square: 9 E. 18th St. near 5th Ave., 212-533-3350

Description: Rosa Mexicano is a great place to go for some quality margaritas. They offer many kinds and each is carefully crafted. Rosa Mexicano’s signature pomegranate margaritas are our absolute favorite and we recommend you give those a shot! Best part about this place is that it has 3 locations from which to choose from.


Place: Mayahuel

Location:  304 East 6th Street (at 2nd Avenue); 212-253-5888 

Description: Heard of Cienfuegos and Death and Co.,? Well, Mayahuel is operated by the same crowd. However, here they offer some great margaritas with a twist. They leave out the regular triple-sec and add a whole new blend of flavors like agave and celery bitters, which they call the Stone Raft. They also make one of The New York Nightlife‘s favorite, the Barrio Viejo. A sugar cane and an absinthe rinse. Just make sure you stay composed as these drinks are delicious and potent.


Place: Dos Caminos Soho

Location: Soho : 475 W. Broadway at Houston, 212-277-4300

Description: Its summertime and what better way to welcome this great weather than by drinking a good margarita in the patio at Dos Caminos Soho.  Dos Caminos Soho offers over 150 varities of tequila and the perfect menu of food to go with it. This beautiful place is highlighted not only by its drinks but by the chic and trendy crowd that frequents it. Dos Caminos Soho does not take reservations so enjoy the margaritas while you wait, they are sure to make the waiting worthwhile.


Place: Agave

Location: 140 7th Ave South between W. 10th and Charles, 212-989-2100

Description: Located in the West Village, this elegant spot offers a laid-back atmosphere that perfectly sets the tone for their great margarita choices. As with all places, their specialties are best. We recommend you try their passion fruit margaritas and tequila cosmos, for a blast of new flavors.


Place: Los Feliz

Location: 109 Ludlow Street (between Delancey and Rivington streets); 212-228-8383 

Description: The perfect place for those who cherish choices. At Los Feliz, you have about 150 types of tequilas and reposados from which to choose from. However, like with all speciualty drinks, dont take them as shots, drink them slowly to appreciate their unique flavors. The New york Nightlife’s recommended drink: The Papi Grande margarita, which is composed of two shots of Cazadores Blanco tequila that are sure to spice up your night!


Place: Maya

Location: 1191 1st Ave. near 64th St., 212-585-1818

Description: Looking for a great margarita and a menu of food choices to go with it? Maya not only makes great margaritas but also great food. Stay for the food and see for yourself. Maya offers a menu of gourmet Mexican food with a modern twist. But most importantly, the margaritas are top-notch, with 100 different varieties of tequila to choose from.