Expanding your social circle

New York City is one of the most culture-rich and fun places to be in. The many cultures provide a variety of not only people but also activities and places to go to. With so many places to go to, it is often better to explore New York City with some friends.

For those of us who have dedicated our lives to our careers, having a particular group of friends is often limited. However, it is never too late to expand our social circles. If we expand our crowd, we can expand exploring New York City and other places, which in turn will lead us to have more fun.

Here are a few simple tips to increase your social network (and we do not mean Facebook!). These tips help maintain your current crowd and they discuss how to meet new people.

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Tip 1. Care about others

Making new friends isn’t all that hard, it just takes a little patience. When you talk to someone new, focus on understanding him or her and relate by asking questions. Caring about their opinions will lead to them introducing you to their friends and expanding your circle.

Tip 2. Be yourself.

You don’t have to pretend you are someone else. Just be yourself and engage in thoughtful conversation. Have some pizzazz and be happy while meeting new people. New people will love if you are upbeat and happy. Remember even if your stocks went down that day, the work place is totally separate from your social life.

Tip 3. Don’t become the daily reporter.

Don’t report the day’s gossip about other people. Talking behind someone’s back is a sure way to lose your current and perspective friends. No matter how tempting it may be, keep it to yourself.

Tip 4. Explore some new places.

Whether you are in New York City or some other place, go exploring with a few people. Check out your local bars, clubs and other social gathering places. Think of yourself as a tourist. Don’t be shy! Socialize with other people. If you are a guy: buy a drink for a lady and start a conversation. Even if it gets nowhere, you have done a little “social” practicing. If you are a lady, be a little more open and invite conversations through eye contact. Taking part in tourist activities is another great way to learn about your town or city while meeting new people.

Tip 5. Use your career to network.

Use your workplace as a place to engage in new activities and networking. Go on those company outings and get to know the people you work with. Even though you have to maintain your professionalism, talking to coworkers is often easier! You have plenty to talk about and once you are comfortable you can talk about less “work-related” topics.

Tip 6. Pick your fights.

Sounds violent huh? Well we certainly don’t mean physical engagements but more in terms of respectful arguing. Argue your views with a crowd of people you have already engaged a little before. If it’s a new crowd, pick your arguments skillfully by adding some humor, nobody likes a random person jumping on the bus. Arguing your views will show people who you are and they will respect you more than if you follow the rest. As stated before, be yourself!

Tip 7. Listen and help your friends

Having a shoulder to cry on is a necessity most of us have at one point or another. Listen to your current group of friends and try to analyze any hidden problems. By listening and helping your current friends and even those new ones you just met, you will strengthen your relationship.

Tip 8. Be proactive with the new people you meet.

Take the time to engage new people. You will only improve your social circle by improving your social skills! Talk to at least 3 people you haven’t talked to much. Whether its at work or at the coffee shop, socializing with someone new will greatly help your social skills. Make the effort. You don’t even have to hand out your business card or give your number, just talk. A nice and simple chat will go a long way.

Tip 9. Be honest with people.

Tell the truth about how you feel and how you see things. Although this is often hard at times as you may feel like you will hurt others, its just one of those things that must be done. Gently talk to your friend and explain thoroughly how things are. Let them know you care about them and that you are also an honest person. They will appreciate that.

Tip 10. Have a little fun.

Making new friends shouldn’t be your second job. Don’t treat it as something you must do to get something else. By establishing genuine friendships, you can gain many more. Be open and talk to people. Go try something new with a friend or not! Sometimes doing something by yourself such as grabbing a quick drink may invite other people to talk to you.

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