New York City Manhattan skyline panorama

Simple Guides to New York City: Planning your next trip

There are many places to go to in New York City and many of us love exploring its vast offerings. It is a great city to visit, enjoy its urban scenery, check out the many museums, and spend a great day with friends and family. However, with all these choices at our finger tips, it can be quite the challenge to find the right place to go to. So you may ask yourself where do I start?

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Restaurants usually require reservations to be made a day or two in advance. If you do not have a reservation the wait time can make you lose your appetite. If you are planning a special event or date, it is best to call the restaurant and check their availability. In today’s fast paced world, many reservations can be placed through It is a fast and convenient way to make reservations online. It will save you the hardship of having to wait or even worse, ruining your night!

For those of us on the go, has also developed a handy mobile app that can be downloaded into most smart-phones. If you forget to make the reservation at home, this is your second chance. Simply search the Android market or App store for “opentable”.


Nightlife. Venues such as clubs and bars, have specific nights in which specific events take place. It is always good to check in advance to make sure you don’t run in to an unprecedented scene/crowd. For a hassle free entry, being on a promoters list or making table reservations for larger groups, specially groups composed of mainly gentleman, is highly recommended at most venues. Since it is NYC, most venues tend to be particular on the crowd and depending on how exclusive the place, it may be hard for an the average person to get in. So do your research on the place.



Broadway shows are also great to plan ahead for but you may find cheaper tickets via tkts.

The discount booths are located right in the heart of New York City, Times Square. They offer huge savings to most shows and the closer the time of the show, the cheaper they are. They also have specials in which you can catch one show for full price and see another at a discount rate.


Museums and Entertainment. To catch great performances and see the latest exhibits, we advise everyone to check the respective place online. The Museum of Natural History has a great calendar, which can be found here, of their latest events. It is advisable to plan your day ahead according to the event/museum to avoid missing out. Although museums and performances vary in both size and required time, everyone should make ample time as these take longer than expected.


So now that we know a little about each place and how crucial planning is, we can move forward to selecting a few places. Check out our recommendations and the next part of Simple Guides to New York City, here.